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Mortgage Advice

Mortgage Advice

It sounds simple: “I’ll get a mortgage.” But if you’ve never done it before, you probably don’t know where to start. Even people who already have a mortgage can be uncertain what to do when they need another one.

So, your very first step when you want a mortgage is to choose whether you’ll do it yourself or ask a mortgage broker for help. A mortgage broker already knows the market inside out and is on top of the latest & best mortgage deals available. A broker takes the hard work out of finding the best mortgage for you and handling most of the paperwork.

The DIY route involves finding a lender among the dozens in the market. And then deciding what type of mortgage you want from the thousands of different mortgages to choose from.

Whether you are researching the market yourself or talking to a broker, it helps if you understand the sort of decisions you’ll be making so we explain more about this below to help you on your way.

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